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    Monday, May 08, 2006

    Life Tends to Stop Very Important Blogging

    For the past month and two weeks, I have been in a crunch because of school. Typical of the last month of a semester, everyone suddenly needs that thing that they told you not to worry about back when the semester started, and promptly forgot to tell you that they needed when you had any reasonable hope of actually getting it done on time.

    So, I hope that's a suitable explanation for the period of absence here. The good news is, god willing, I should be done with school in a week and able to resume the sorts of learning that I think are actually useful. One of those is writing entries for this blog! Hah hah, who knew that writing to the random people who happen to stumble across here could be construed as a learning exercise!

    But, I really think it is useufl and helpful to write about what you have a passion for, especially on a blog where our own egos drive us to have a bigger digital dick than everyone else. My reasoning goes something like this: I need more readers. To get more readers, I need better content. To get better content, I need to know how to write better content. To know how to write better content, I need to learn more about what the subject of this blog is. The subject of this blog is about Computer Science and Information Technology (no hardware though, *bleaugh*). I need to learn more about Computer Science and Information Technology. QED.

    Well, I'm not a very good informal logician, so who knows if that holds water (and I 'm sure as hell not going to put it in first order logic terms), but it's a good a reason as most to write a blog. Too bad it's not as good a reason as "I'm getting paid to write this blog." One can dream though.

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